Ellezelloise (Brasserie des Légendes)

The Brasserie Ellezelloise (pronounced “EL-ZEL-WOZ”), is located in the town of Ellezelles in the gentle “hill country” of Belgium. Founded in 1993, the tiny brewery manages to produce 1000 hectoliters per year - the most of any brewery of the Belgian Artisanal Brewers Guild. Housed in a picturesque converted barn in French-speaking Belgium, the brewery includes a cozy café to which the local folk and connoisseurs from Brussels love to repair on weekend afternoons. There you can enjoy a wonderful Ellezelloise brew, served by the Master Brewer Philippe Gerard who has over 25 years of experience in beer making in several breweries. The main brand of Ellezelloise is "Quintine", named after the witch of Ellezelles.

Traditional brewing techniques have been preserved. The mash tank, the grist filter tank and the flame heated hop kettle are copper. The wooden crates contain 12 or 24 swing top bottles with porcelain stoppers. The brewing method is by infusion. Only basic materials are used : water, barley malt, bitter and aromatic hops, pure yeast base and dextrose. No other ingredients enter into the beer' s composition.

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