Diabolici Gift Pack*

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Belgian / Continental Style
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Seasonal Product
2 750ml bottles of Diabolici in a gift pack with a conical, branded glass and wire glass hanger.
Diabolici® asserts its Triple Blonde character of high fermentation and bottle refermentation. It contains 8% alc./vol. and continues to bear the name of its creators, who bewitch the minds of those who are merrily drinking it. Having been brewed since the beginning of time at the gates of hell, the exquisite Diabolici® is the familiar and impish companion of our festive evenings. It is to be sampled with mischievousness in its exclusive chalice glass !

Alcohol Percentage: 
8.00% ABV
296 020
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2*750ml + cone glass & wire hanger
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27.40$ CAD
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